Friday, August 23, 2013

Smy Workshops is now Smy Goodness

Smy Workshops and Smy Chutney have now combined into Smy Goodness an arts, crafts and food design company that provides workshops and products. Smy Goodness is the one-stop shop for all the things we have been creating and offering since 2001, please do check out our new website. I have over ten years experience teaching workshops with a wide range of audiences, age groups and backgrounds to a very high standard. I  have extensive experience teaching a variety of workshops and short courses such as bead-making and jewellery making, preserves making, cake making and decorating and more at various art colleges, schools and community groups. There are also a wide variety of corporate and private workshops on offer as well as the option of creating bespoke courses specific to each client. These include Team Building workshops, Hen-party workshops, and Make your own promotional sample preserve workshops.  I create jewellery and mixed media artworks for shops and on a commission basis. I am the founder and creator of Smy Goodness and am passionate about providing learners with knowledge and skills regarding fruits, vegetables and food preservation that allow them to hold the fruits of their labours in jars of homemade preserves. I also have over ten years experience in accreditation and quality assurance within the healthcare and charity sector. This has given me a keen insight in designing and delivering courses that are fun while also meeting and evidencing learning aims, objectives and outcomes which is so important to both the learners and organisations themselves. I have Fully Enhanced Disclosure and am approved as a creative practitioner by the Hackney Learning Trust.

The courses are very cost-effective and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual learners and the organisations. Feedback from my courses are consistently positive and participants find them fun, relaxing and empowering. Students report that they find the courses a creative outlet that are also relaxing and are proud of their individual creations that they wear, eat or use themselves or give as gifts to family and friends. There is also scope for the students to sell their creations on-line and/or in markets to raise money for themselves and/or charity. Workshops have included activities for International Women's Day, Black History Month and have focused on making African trade beads, Italian millefiori beads, Islamic patterns and pre-historic beads.

Here is a short video made during a bead-making and jewellery course for 11-25 year old students:

Here is a short video made during a cake-making course for 10-25 year old students:

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